2. Harriet Tubman Memorial Garden

Honoring Harriet Tubman

Relatives of Harriet Ross Tubman still live in Dorchester County as do descendants of the enslaved and slave holders. Members of the local community chose to honor Tubman at this quiet roadside garden. People across the country can join them in paying their respects to this American hero.

Tubman’s story, that of a young slave who freed herself, then returned to rescue family and friends, inspires emotional and artistic expression in works of literature, music, sculpture, paint, and performance. One of Tubman’s relatives, Charles Ross, painted the murals here. Exterior exhibits describe her life and Underground Railroad activities in the area. The Memorial Garden is located adjacent to Route 50 East, near a variety of accommodations and services.



U.S. 50 at Washington Street, Cambridge MD 21613
Open daily, dawn to dusk

Practical info
  • Small parking lot on site

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