Harriet on the Hill Event

It’s here! The Harriet on the Hill event is today! Two busloads of grass-roots supporters for a Harriet Tubman National Historical Park are heading to Washington, DC.  We want to let legislators know that the time is right for federal recognition of Tubman in time for the 100th anniversary of her death in 2013.

The Tubman National Historical Park would be like no other, comprised of two separate sites 500 miles apart. Each site speaks to different aspects of Tubman’s life. Approximately 6,750 acres of farmland, forests and wetlands would be located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, where she was born into slavery and learned the vital skills of an outdoors woman that enabled her to survive her flight north and the numerous return trips she made to rescue her family and friends. The northern site for the Tubman Park would be in Auburn, NY, where she eventually settled and built a home to harbor the aged.

Supporters of the Harriet Tubman National Historical Park understand that the U.S. Congress has difficult fiscal challenges, however, it is the hope of all involved that this humble American, most worthy of admiration and capable of great inspiration, will finally receive the honor that she deserves.

We are excited to launch this brand new website so that you may keep up to date with all of the exciting advancements we are making here on Maryland’s Eastern Shore to recognize Tubman.  We encourage you to check back often and to make plans to come and explore the homeland of one of the nation’s great heroes.