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New Revived United Methodist Church

New Revived United Methodist Church

After the Civil War, four African-American churches were established in nearby local communities. In 1864, Malone Methodist Episcopal Church on White Marsh Road was the first to be established, followed by Christ Rock Methodist Episcopal Church near Cambridge in 1875 and St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Harrisville in 1880. The New Revived United Methodist Church, once known as Jefferson Methodist Episcopal Church, was established in Smithville in 1876.

Prior to the Civil War,  Methodist Camp Meetings became popular in the region. Some oral tradition suggests that Harriet Tubman lived and worked with her husband, John Tubman, near the former site of the Malone Methodist Episcopal Church. Harriet Tubman’s brother, William Henry Ross Stewart, married Harriet Parker, a free woman from Smithville, around 1850. In late 1854, Harriet Tubman helped three of her brothers escape to Canada, where William Henry’s wife joined him with their two small children in 1855. Marriages between members of these neighboring communities also illustrate the degree of social interaction between free and enslaved people before the end of the Civil War and emancipation.

One by one, the churches closed their doors as families moved away and the number of congregants declined. Today, people from each of these four congregations are part of the New Revived United Methodist Church congregation.

GPS Coordinates: 38.473371,-76.274383

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