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Bucktown Village Store

Bucktown Village Store

“Site of Harriet Tubman’s First Act of Defiance”
At this crossroads, sometime around 1835, Harriet Tubman was almost killed by a blow to her head that she received while attempting to assist a fellow enslaved man flee from an angry overseer. Because of the injury, Harriet experienced life-long health problems and seizures that sparked vivid dreams, changing her views and motives the rest of her life. At the time, Bucktown was a busy community with two stores, a shopkeeper’s home, blacksmith shop, farms, and shipyards on the nearby Transquaking River.

(Operated by the Bucktown Village Foundation, 410-901-9255).

GPS Coordinates: 38.459167,-76.031385

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When she was about 13 years old, Harriet Tubman was hired out to “the worst man in the neighborhood.” It...