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William Still Interpretive Center

Future Site of William Still Interpretive Center

“Tragedy and Triumph on the Road to Freedom”
This site is dedicated to the history and literary contributions of William Still, the most famous African-American Underground Railroad stationmaster along the Eastern Seaboard during the 1850s. The Interpretive Center will celebrate the Still family’s own daring and heart-wrenching struggle for freedom from bondage through escape, resettlement, and later, Underground Railroad activity. The center, housed in a historic one room “cottage” from 1820, and similar to what the enslaved Still family would have lived in, will feature a period “slave cabin” interior, interpretive exhibits and a “garden patch” highlighting foodstuffs common in gardens cultivated by Eastern Shore enslaved people. The exhibits will recount the history of the escape of William’s mother, Sidney Still and several of his older siblings.

GPS Coordinates: 38.833305,-75.833382

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Sidney Still and her children were enslaved by Alexander “Saunders” Griffith, who lived on portions of this park. Her husband, Levin Still, had purchased...