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Court House Square/Denton

Court House Square/Denton

“Site of Slave Auction and Jail”
The Caroline County Courthouse was, and still is, the center of town. Although the present-day building was reconstructed after the Civil War, its place in the middle of town reminds one of the central roles it played in the town’s past. The Courthouse symbolizes white legal, political, economic and social power during the antebellum period. Among the commercial and legal activity, a slave market was located here, where slaves were auctioned to local and Deep South buyers and traders. Courthouse Square was also the site of the jail where captured runaway slaves and Underground Railroad conductors like Hugh Hazlett were held for their involvement in the Underground Railroad. Caroline Courthouse is a recognized site in the National Park Service Network to Freedom.

The Museum of Rural Life on Courthouse Square contains an exhibit about the Underground Railroad and orients visitors to the life of Harriet Tubman, the role of the Underground Railroad and local antebellum African-American life and culture in Caroline County.

For more information, call 410-479-2055.

GPS Coordinates: 38.886442,-75.832752

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