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Christian Park

Christian Park

“A Place to Wade Across the Choptank”
While freedom seekers traveling north were tempted to use bridges, they usually avoided them, as the threat of recapture was high. This stream at the headwaters of the Choptank River was possibly near Harriet Tubman’s Underground Railroad route to Sandtown, Delaware. The current at this location is fast, yet the water is shallow.

Freedom seekers who followed the Choptank River to Delaware may have crossed here and at other shallow tributaries near the Choptank’s headwaters. Like Harriet Tubman, fugitives relied heavily on the secret network of safe houses belonging to blacks and whites throughout central and northern Delaware. Harriet Tubman later told historian Wilbur Siebert that her preferred route was by way of her parent’s home in Poplar Neck, to Sandtown across the Maryland border. Quakers and a large free black population helped hide and escort people through Delaware.

GPS Coordinates: 38.999843,-75.787492

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