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Faith Community United Methodist Church

Faith Community United Methodist Church

“Faith United Methodist Church and Rev. Sam Green”
Sarah Young, a free black woman, deeded land near here in 1843 to seven free black trustees, including the Rev. Samuel Green, preacher at a church on this site in the 1850s. Rev. Green and the original church trustees established the Colored People’s Methodist Episcopal Church in August 1844, here in East New Market.  The church is now known as Faith Community United Methodist Church. This church building is the second structure to house this continuously active congregation. The original church site has recently been reacquired by the congregation.

In antebellum years, African-Americans regarded many southern white ministers as part of the system of slavery. These ministers often preached Bible verses stressing obedience and patience. Free black preachers offered alternative readings of the Bible, providing hope and resistance. Because of this, white overseers closely monitored black ministers. Samuel Green, free, literate and highly respected by both black and white residents, did not escape close attention to his preaching. African-American preachers sometimes held their services in secret so they could worship and speak freely, but this was very dangerous and rare on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. 

Born in slavery, Green purchased his freedom from his dead owner’s estate in 1834. Within ten years, he was able to purchase the freedom of his wife, Catherine, or “Kitty.” His children, however, remained enslaved and out of his reach. In 1854, his son, Sam, Jr., a skilled blacksmith, fled to Canada, but Green’s daughter, Sarah was sold away from her children and her parents before she could escape.

GPS Coordinates: 38.596774,-75.914811

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