When Harriet Tubman set off to find her freedom, summertime was in the past. In fact, many of her rescues were made in the fall or winter, making conditions much more extreme. In addition to finding her way while keeping herself and her charges hidden, these passengers needed to eat.

Adapted from the Adkins Arboretum walking tour about “nature’s role in the flight to freedom,” Julianna Pax will share “Walking the Tubman Trail” on Wednesday, December 6 at noon. Mrs. Pax, a volunteer docent at Adkins as well as the Heritage Museums will lead the viewers, virtually, through a countryside with which Harriet would be familiar. While diminished greatly, the flora and fauna found today on the eastern shore is very close to what it was almost 200 years ago.

This presentation and discussion will work to enlighten about the types of foods that are readily available in the forest, even today. In addition, this discussion will only enhance our understanding of those who fled the institution of slavery, while, in many cases, leaving the only home they had ever know.

This offering is free and open to the public although donations are always appreciated. The Heritage Museums and Gardens of Dorchester is located at 1003 Greenway Drive in Cambridge, MD. For more information, call 410-228-7953.