19. Scott’s Chapel

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Harriet Tubman’s master, Edward Brodess, was a member of the congregation founded here in 1812. Tubman, her mother, and siblings may have worshipped here with other enslaved families and their owners.

Traditionally, the enslaved were required by their masters to attend church services with them, sitting in the back of the church or in balconies, separate from white congregants. The current building was constructed in 1891. The church has separate graveyards with blacks buried just east of Bucktown Road and whites buried behind the church and grove of trees. Members of the Bucktown community from Harriet Tubman’s time are laid to rest in this cemetery.

This is an active community church. Please respect the sanctity of the grounds and services.

Photo above credit of Chesapeake Bay Program



Bucktown Road
Bucktown, MD 21613

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